Fertilica IVF Center - Hyderabad


Fertilica IVF Center - Hyderabad


At FERTILICA IVF, we pride ourselves on the feedback we get from our patients. For us, the most important aspect of our work is patient satisfaction and experience.
Please take a look at some of the pleasant things our patients have had to say about us and our staff.

Anjali Sharma

well and good treatment with doctors and staff. after eight years married life Sumina madam gave us pregnancy . I thought to give review after I got the baby but all staff helpful nature gave us to give our opinion about the hospital and treatment . Thank you.

Madhavi Thati

Thank you so much to you and your team for helping us through this journey. I wouldn't have gotten through it without you. You're brilliant, and caring, and made me feel so cared for." "Thank you for all of your help in the long process of getting and staying pregnant.

Sahithi Chunduru

Thank you for the continuous support and guidance to all the doctors and nurses. The doctors here are very well experienced and they have made my pregnancy journey beautiful. Can never thank them enough for their hard work, dedication and their care.

Suhasa Duddupudi

We got IVF positive in first attempt itself. We are very happy that we are going to be parents again very soon. Thanks to Sumina madam for her guidance. We would like to thank all the staff for their coordination and we appreciate their receiving.


Vastly experienced doctors with many accolades in the field. They are very friendly and sympathetic and take care to diagnose correctly and solve the issues. Thank you for the service!


The treatment of Dr sumina reddy is too gd. I had a problem but it has cleared and i have conceived in 1 month. Naturally I had conceived. N I am so happy. Thanks to the Dr... And her team n staff members. Thanks alot for the support n care.

Praveen Kumar

Dr. Sumina Reddy is one of the best fertility Doctor she will be listening our problems with patience and explaining the exact solution for process. We got positive result in first IUI cycle. Thanks to Sumina madam garu and his whole team.

Amena Farha

Alhamdulilah I am thanks to Allah almighty, then thanks to Dr sumina reddy who treated me very nicely, I do not have words to express my feeling , even I thankful to all staff members who treated well.